Herbal Hair Oil


for all hair types

The application of herbal-infused oil to the hair & scalp is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that supports healthy, strong & lustrous locks. Balancing to all doshas (or hair types), our Hair Oil infuses India’s quintessential hair tonic, Bhringaraj, with strengthening Brahmi, antioxidant-rich Ashwagandha & cleansing Amalaki into a base of moisturizing Sesame Oil & Vitamin E-rich Sunflower Oil to replenish & revive your hair & scalp. 

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Sesame Oil

Tiny seeds, with a powerful punch, the sacred text of Ayurveda calls sesame oil the best of all oils & is traditionally used in Ayurvedic hair oil formulations due to its plethora of benefits. Rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins B & E, calcium, protein, magnesium & phosphorus, sesame oil has an innate ability to promote growth, strength & moisture to dry, brittle hair. It also has antimicrobial, antibacterial & antifungal properties which help to balance an itchy scalp & contains naturally occurring SPF, which helps protect from harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants.


Nicknamed the “ruler of hair” bhringaraj is touted as THE ultimate Ayurvedic herbal remedy for hair health, growth & balance. Abundant in nutrients like vitamins D & E, iron, calcium & magnesium, while also stimulating to the scalp, bhringaraj helps to awaken hair follicles & promote hair growth. Cooling in nature, this herbal superstar is also known to help reduce hair loss, thinning & graying of hair that can be brought on by stress & excess pitta dosha. Also working as a scalp exfoliator, bhringaraj helps to eliminate a dry, itchy scalp as well as reduce dandruff. 


A central rejuvenating herb in Ayurvedic medicine, brahmi helps to regenerate the health & vitality of the hair & scalp with its antioxidant & vitamin C-rich properties. Also considered clarifying, once applied, brahmi detoxifies the hair & scalp, making way for strong, thick hair follicles to grow. Additionally, brahmi’s ability to balance & soothe the nervous system will help your entire being feel rejuvenated as your hair shimmers & shines!  


Once massaged lovingly into the scalp, rosemary immediately gets to work cleansing & clearing dandruff & chemical buildup. Even more, rosemary helps to stimulate circulation, strengthen hair follicles & foster abundant hair growth. With its ability to speed up cell turnover, rosemary can also thicken and smooth hair strands, reducing hair breakage and split ends. 


Cooling & tingling peppermint balances the scalp’s sebum production meaning that it can reduce excess oil that can cause your hair to feel dull & greasy. Stimulating blood circulation, peppermint also encourages hair growth while it clears away buildup or residue at the hair’s root. Lastly, peppermint contains antimicrobial compounds to soothe an itchy scalp. 


Sesame Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Brahmi*, Bhringaraj*, Ashwagandha* & Amalaki* & Essential Oils of Cedarwood Atlas*, Rosemary*, Lavender* & Peppermint*


SIZE: 4 fl oz glass bottle

Infused with Ayurvedic Healing Mantra. Tested on Family & Friends. Handcrafted in Small Batches with Love.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


DAILY USE: For added shine, frizz control & hydration, apply a few drops to the ends of damp or dry hair. 

WEEKLY USE: For a scalp & hair mask treatment, massage a generous amount of Herbal Hair Oil into the scalp & through the hair. Leave in for at least 30 minutes or wrap your hair to leave in overnight. To wash out, apply shampoo to dry, oily hair then rinse. 

Caring for your products: 

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Avoid contamination by keeping moisture out of the bottle. Close lid tightly after each use.

Life of your products: 

Since there are no preservatives, please use within 6-8 months.

The ancient Ayurvedic practice of applying herbal oil to the hair & scalp has been practiced for centuries to treat hair loss, thinning, breakage & graying due to imbalance & stress in the body & the mind. Traditionally, Ayurvedic hair oil has been used as a leave-in treatment to nourish, balance & heal the hair & scalp, but may also be used sparingly on the ends of the hair to promote daily hydration & protection. The herbal ingredients used within an Ayurvedic hair oil formulation are chosen not only for their ability to replenish, grow & beautify the hair & heal the scalp, but also for their innate ability to soothe the nervous system & manage stress - one of the body’s main precursors to imbalanced hair health. We love that this Ayurvedic ritual also encourages an opportunity to slow down, commune with plants & engage in radical self-care through loving self-touch. 

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