Prosperity Mala


The color of the sun reminds us of the vitality of LIFE. Wear to invoke a healthy body & mind, happiness & success.

Mala necklaces are made up of a set of beads, traditionally used to focus & center oneself during meditation. Each bead marks the repetition of a prayer. The center beads are referred to as the guru or teacher. 

This mala is one-of-a-kind & made of AAA Citrine, Turquoise & 24 kt Gold-plated beads threaded on 100% silk. Hand-dyed tassels are made of organic cotton. 

Handmade with love in Nevada City, California by Amanda Dozal.


In Vedic tradition, citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra, the energy center of physical, emotional & mental strength. It is also associated with the fire element & agni (digestive fire), cultivating heat & transformation. Physiologically, Citrine is said to enhance metabolism, helping to properly digest food & supporting detoxification in the body. Emotionally, Citrine promotes courage to find quick resolutions to relationship issues & prevents wasted time or drained energy. Mentally, Citrine encourages motivation to turn ideas into actions, the willpower to take risks, & the ability to transform any obstacle into an opportunity for growth. Citrine is especially good at balancing kapha dosha.


Turquoise is known to strengthen, align & elevate all chakras. It is valuable for its grounding energy, strength, protection & ability to improve meditation. Turquoise is a healer of the spirit, providing soothing energy & bringing peace of mind. It acts to induce wisdom & understanding, enhance trust, increase kindness & the recognition of beauty. When it comes to romance, it is said to promote spontaneity & stimulate the initiation of love. Turquoise can be used to balance the male/female aspects of one's character, bringing forth the qualities of mental & spiritual equality, & harmonized energies. Turquoise is balancing to all doshas.


Ayurveda sees Gold as the most healing & ojas (immunity) building of the precious stones & minerals. It is energizing, promotes lasting endurance & uplifts the spirit, helping to transform consciousness, as it promotes greater awareness. Gold is tridoshic meaning that it is balancing to all doshas.

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