Introduction to Ayurvedic Skincare Virtual Workshop


Discover the ancient Ayurvedic secrets to beautiful skin in this introductory workshop hosted by PAAVANI co-founder, Trudy Collings. 

According to the 5,000-year-old philosophy of Ayurveda, the health of our skin is a reflection of our internal balance. Thus, this workshop will share how diet affects skin health and which foods will support you specifically to maintain or cultivate a radiant glow from the inside out. The 3 doshas of Ayurveda- vata, pitta and kapha will be explored so you can gain an understanding of what it means to have vata, pitta or kapha type skin. You will also learn the 3-step Ayurvedic skincare protocol of cleansing, toning & nourishing, and which herbs are most supportive for your doshic skin type. You will leave this workshop feeling inspired to nurture your skin and empowered to take control of your luminous beauty. 

WHEN: Saturday, May 22nd, 10 am-noon PST. 

This workshop will be live on Zoom with 50 maximum participants. The recording of the Zoom workshop will be available for one week for every person registered. This way, if the date and time for the live workshop does not line up with your schedule, you can watch the recording whenever is convenient for you. A PDF will be e-mailed to all participants after the workshop. 

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