The Ayurvedic Lens: Magnifying the Mysteries & Abundance of Life


This book is a compilation of stories, patient cases, educational material & an account of close personal relationships viewed through the lens of the world’s oldest system of healing—Ayurveda. It is through the principles of Ayurveda, that one can begin to understand how we function, how we show up in the world & what makes us tick.

This book is meant to touch those who feel burdened, stuck, or ill & would like to clear their path. It is meant to help those who strive to feel lighter, happier, joyful & more alive. It is also for those who are tired of trying to figure it out on their own. It is a recipe book for living life in abundance.

This recipe book for life has a variety of ingredients. Its mainstay is Ayurvedic medicine with all of its lifestyle components (i.e. meditation, cooking, oil massage, exercise, pre and postpartum care, detoxification & journaling). This manuscript consists of the purest path in life I know of thus far. You will enter into a creative journey with yourself using the science of Ayurveda as your guide. This ancient wisdom is awaiting your presence, and it will stand by you from the toughest of times to the happiest of times and everything in between, as you peer through your Ayurvedic Lens in journeying into your desire to heal.

Dr. Thanki is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in Ayurvedic medicine. She is a wife, mother, physician, yoga teacher, Vipassana meditator, writer, and traveler. Her practice is located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Thanki eats, breathes, and lives in the authenticity of Ayurvedic medicine. It penetrates her being every moment, as that is how she views the world and nature daily; through an Ayurvedic Lens. She brings her deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles to patients as she shepherds them through the process of panchakarma detoxification, assists in making the connection between Ayurvedic food as medicine, and discusses with her patients how to make more positive lifestyle changes to complete the journey inward.

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