Leah grew up in Wisconsin and has the roots of a Midwestern girl. In 2007, she graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s degree in conservation and environmental sciences, minors in biology and business, and a certification in entrepreneurship. In 2009, Leah followed her heart to California, where she discovered Ayurveda. She was immediately drawn to this system due to her interest in the natural world and the symbiotic interconnectedness that exists between nature, mind, body and soul. In 2013, Leah completed her course of study at the California College of Ayurveda and became certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Herbalist, Ayurvedic Massage and Body Therapist and Ayurvedic Facials Specialist. Once graduated, Leah joined Blue Sage Ayurveda, where she gained direct experience offering Pancha Karma therapies administered under the tutelage of Ragaia Belovarac.

Today, Leah is the co-founder of PAAVANI Ayurveda. She thoroughly enjoys being an entrepreneur, which provides her with an outlet for her creative energy. Leah feels honored and privileged to be able to share the teachings of Ayurvedic self-care through her product offerings during a time when it is most needed. She hopes that her product line will help to introduce and infuse Ayurvedic practices into the daily lives of others. Leah is a firm proponent of the notion that those who apply Ayurvedic principles empower themselves to be their own healer. She dreams that one day all families will raise their children with these philosophies and that the world will find healing solace through each individual’s cultivation of personal balance.



Trudy was born in England but raised in Vero Beach, Florida. In 2008, she graduated cum laude from the University of Florida with a double major in British Literature & Anthropology. In 2009, her inquisitive nature brought her to San Francisco, CA & she eventually landed in her first yoga teacher training in 2011. From there, she learned of Ayurveda & instantly fell in love with the science. By the fall of 2011, she was enrolled at the California College of Ayurveda. This science encompassed everything she was looking for: yoga, traditional ecological knowledge, cultural understanding & a holistic approach to well-being.

Today, Trudy continues to teach yoga in her local community, regularly conducts the Ayurveda training at Sacred Paths Yoga & is co-founder of PAAVANI Ayurveda. At PAAVANI, Trudy excels as the team planner. Her go-getter attitude keeps the momentum and spirit of the company alive. She also manages the PAAVANI demo team, is hands on with the herbalists in the PAAVANI apothecary and enjoys community education & outreach projects. Trudy especially enjoys creating new formulations & dreaming of future plans for PAAVANI with business partner & friend, Leah Klatt. When not immersed in her work, you can find Trudy spending time with her husband & their fur babies. She loves all things dogs, yoga, reading, cooking, live music, traveling & time with her beloved family & friends.

LAUREL ODOM, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Herbalist, BS, CMT, PKS & RYT

Laurel was born and raised in the Northern California town of Auburn, California. In 2013 she graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition. Having established a steady yoga practice, she had the desire to seek a greater connection between nutrition & the overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of being which led her to begin her studies at the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) in Nevada City in the fall of 2013. She has since completed schooling at CCA with a certification as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapist (including Marma Point, Dough Basti, Pinda Svedana & Ayurvedic Facial Therapies) & Pancha Karma Specialist as well as furthering her depth of yogic study through various teacher trainings. Laurel is now apart of the teaching faculty at the CCA.

Laurel loves the holistic mindset that Ayurveda embodies as well as the deep connection to nature that this system is rooted in. Her belief is that in getting in touch with the flow of nature & understanding ourselves on a deeper level, we will truly be able to create a more conscious, connected world. Laurel loves hiking in nature, dancing, yoga, cooking, fresh flowers, swimming, the smell of a fall morning, animals, sports & games, time with family & friends & simply enjoying the gift of being alive on planet Earth. She is exceptionally grateful to be a channel for the knowledge of Ayurveda & looks forward to having the opportunity to assist your healing journey.

ALISHA JACOBS, Ayurvedic Herbalist, AHC & PKS

Alisha grew up in the California foothills and found herself always out in nature, especially on the banks of the river. She graduated high school in Auburn and then completed beauty school at Citrus Heights Beauty College in 2006. After graduation, Alisha moved to San Francisco to pursue her career as a cosmetologist in the spa industry. At that time, Alisha began to connect with a more holistic approach to beauty and skincare and also learned about Ayurvedic medicine. She began to delve into herbalism and making her own herbal elixirs and concoctions.

After some time, Alisha moved back up to Nevada County and heard about the California College of Ayurveda (CCA). She felt called to attend the college and that is exactly what she did. During her time there, it became clear to Alisha that Ayurveda was what she wanted to do with her life- to offer holistic wellness to the people. Within her first year at the CCA, she completed various body therapy workshops, including the Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapy Course as well as completing the 9-month long Ayurvedic Herbalism Apprenticeship.

Alisha’s deepest passion is in the art of natural healing through the wisdom of Ayurveda. What she loves most about Ayurveda is the honor of seeing the transformation in a client. Holding space for people to reconnect to their inner harmony and balance is a deeply rewarding experience for Alisha. One of her favorite therapies to offer is the Four Hand Traditional Abhyanga because it is a dance of energy between the practitioners and the client. It is a sacred space where healing energy and love is flowing through each person. While away from the PAAVANI Spa and office, Alisha spends time with her two beautiful daughters. Their favorite things to do is to get outside, into nature and experience new adventures together.

RACHEL MERRILL, Ayurvedic Herbalist, CMT, CAS, RYT

Rachel grew up on the central coast of California and studied Anthropology at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. After her studies, Rachel's love of nature and gardening brought her back to the west coast to various farms, learning how to nurture and tend the land. This is when her interest in plants and herbalism was sparked. 

In 2014, Rachel began her studies at the California College of Ayurveda. She graduated in 2016 with certifications in Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapy (A.M.B.T.), Ayurvedic Facial, Marma Point Therapy and Ayurvedic Herbalism. She holds the title of Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and is trained to work with clients in disease management as well as preventative medicine. In 2017, Rachel also completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Wild Mountain Yoga Center in Nevada City, California. 

We were lucky to have been introduced to Rachel in 2016 and shortly after meeting this beautiful human, we invited her to become apart our our team. Rachel was one of our first Ayurvedic Body Therapists; however, once we closed this portion of the business to solely focus on the products, Rachel became a lead PAAVANI Herbalist in our apothecary. Rachel has a bright mind and has the ability to think ahead, both qualities fundamental for success in the apothecary. We love her grounded, calm nature. It is always a good day when Rachel is in the office!

Not only working with plants in the PAAVANI Apothecary, Rachel also works with them at Bluedane Garden. When not communing with plants at the apothecary or garden, Rachel is living life with her amazing partner and their sweet baby girl. As a family, they love to spend time in nature- hiking, camping and swimming. 


PAUL MCDONALD, Sales Director & Social Media Specialist

Born in Epsom, Surrey U.K. and raised on the Florida beaches, Paul from a young age had a zest for adventure which inspired his travels around the globe. From the United States, to the United Kingdom, traveling the entire continent of Australia, to South East Asia and now Latin America, Paul has gained insight into various world-views and ways of being. His experiences abroad have also bestowed upon him the ability to adapt to unique and challenging situations, coping skills and creativity. 

Paul joined the PAAVANI team in 2016 as our Sales Director & Social Media Specialist and has proven to be a vital asset to the team. With 6+ years working with Cloud Solutions, training in CRM and support systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Zoho, his knowledge, experience and go-getter attitude helps to progress PAAVANI Ayurveda forward. Not to mention, he is a star customer service professional, bringing a smile to all he communicates with daily.

When not doing all things PAAVANI, Paul is committed to growing his own business where he offers sales & social media solutions for companies throughout various industries including cannabis, fashion, beauty, retreats & spas. Paul now resides in the Yucatan Peninsula with his 2 sweet pups and his partner, Angel.