On the Summer Solstice

This Thursday, June 21st, is the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere.

This marks the longest day of the year when we are gratefully bathed in the powerful, activating energy of the sun. It is a time of transformation, action, and inspiration.

The term ‘solstice’ comes from two Latin words, the first being ‘sol’ which means ‘sun’ and the second being ‘sistere’ which literally means ‘to stand still’. Thus, on the summer solstice, we are immersed in the power of the sun and have the opportunity to sit within its strong, pitta vibration and ask ourselves ‘What do I want to manifest? What does my heart desire?’ The answer could be giving gratitude and respect to the sun and the life it offers or the new summer energy could give you the boost you need to begin or complete a project that is close to your heart.

As we shift into summer, pitta dosha, like the sun, becomes activated. When pitta dosha is in balance, it encourages us to express ourselves fully, stand in our truths and listen with compassionate hearts to those around us. Encourage this healthy expression of pitta dosha all summer long. Revel in the beauty of the extended hours of light and ample time to be with the people you love. If the activated energy and social days of summer start to become overwhelming, have the inner knowing that all things change and the days are slowly becoming shorter, bowing towards autumn, where we have the opportunity to turn inward.

On this summer solstice, take a moment or even the whole day to honor the sun through your own personal ritual. Practicing sun salutations, spending time outdoors, lighting a candle or simply meditating in the sunshine are all ways to bring ritual into your day.

All of us at PAAVANI wish you an abundant, creative and energizing solstice.

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