Trataka Ghee Candle


Trataka is a form of meditation where the practitioner focuses on a single point, commonly a candle flame, to harness one’s focus & awareness on the present moment. Trataka helps to purify the mind, strengthen concentration & improve memory. It is also recommended to cleanse, cool & soothe the eyes after prolonged screen time & can improve overall eye health. 

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Our Trataka Candle is handmade with ghee, which is clarified cow's milk butter. In Ayurveda & Hinduism, a ghee candle is the preferred candle to use during puja, or sacred ceremony. This candle is considered to put off an ojas building glow that heals & strengthens the immune system. Ghee also draws in sattvic, or harmonious, frequencies to calm the body, mind & spirit. 


Organic ghee, coconut wax & all-natural wick

SIZE: 4 oz glass container. Burns for 24 hrs.

Handmade in California by Blue Sage Ayurveda

Infused with Ayurvedic Healing Mantra. Tested on Family & Friends. Handcrafted in Small Batches with Love.


In a darkened room, find a comfortable seat on your meditation blanket or pillow. Light your Trataka Ghee Candle & set it 2 feet in front of you at eye level. Close your eyes & as you exhale, exhale out through the mouth, connecting with the earth below you. As you inhale, feel the spine lengthen, bringing you into proper alignment. Focus on abdominal breathing, allowing the belly to expand with the inhale & contract with the exhale. When your breath becomes calm & even, open your eyes & rest your gaze on the middle part of the flame, right above the tip of the wick. Keep your eyes on the flame without blinking. Once your eyes begin to water, close your eyes & bring your awareness to the ajna chakra or third eye center, maintaining the image of the flame in your mind’s eye. You can close your practice here or continue with a seated meditation, with the eyes closed. 

Caring for your products:

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Avoid contamination by keeping moisture out of the jar. 

Trataka is appropriate for all doshas. It can help to calm the nervous system as well as relieve anxiety & insomnia associated with excess vata. Trataka cleanses excess heat in the eyes & soothes fiery emotions associated with pitta dosha. Lastly, this form of meditation improves mental focus which reduces mental lethargy associated with excess kapha dosha. 

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