Introduction to Ayurvedic Skin Care Virtual Class


In this virtual class, Introduction to Ayurvedic Skin Care, you will join PAAVANI Ayurveda's co-founder, Trudy Collings, to explore the Ayurvedic perspective on maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Together, you will explore traditional ancient Ayurvedic beauty rituals specific to each dosha & discover why Ayurveda believes the skin (the body's largest organ) to be a manifestation of one's internal health. 

From the comfort of your own home & schedule, you will discover: 

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • The 3 Pillars of Life
  • The 5 Elements 
  • The 10 Opposing Qualities 
  • The 3 Doshas
  • Prakruti vs. Vikruti
  • The 3-Step Ayurvedic Skincare Ritual
  • What is Vata Type Skin?
  • What is Pitta Type Skin?
  • What is Kapha Type Skin?
  • Beneficial Herbs & Oils for Each Skin Type
  • Dosha-Specific Skin Tea Recipes
  • DIY Dosha Specific Skincare Formulas 
  • & More! 

We hope this introductory class helps you better understand the Ayurvedic philosophy behind caring for your skin & how following an Ayurvedic skincare ritual can unveil your inner radiance & glow! 


Upon purchase, please check your email for instructions on how to set up your Thinkific account to access our virtual classroom. Once set up, this class will be yours to continue to reference & learn from for as long as you like.

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