Yoni Steam Seat


The original Vibrant Souls Yoni Steam Seat is the most traditional, easy & effective seat for your sacred yoni steaming ritual. Unlike many options, this comfortable seat is slim & discrete — it can be stored easily in a closet or cabinet. The seat is handcrafted with wood, & free from plastic, making it the safest & most Earth-aligned option for your monthly or weekly vaginal steam.

The Devi Steam® Yoni Steam Seat is safe & effective! Here's how to use it. 

  • The simple Yoni Steam Seat is intended to be placed over a base. The underside of the seat is reinforced with notches for safety & stability on the base of your choice. As a base, we recommend a clean, food-grade 5-gallon pail or 20 Quart or 44 Quart stainless steel pot. 
  • Inside the base, you will carefully place a stainless steel or glass bowl containing your warm yoni steam infusion. Never use a continuous heat source such as a heating coil or hot plate — this is both unnecessary & dangerous. 
  • With your bowl of herbal infusion inside & the seat placed securely on the base, sit as you normally would in a chair while you steam for 20 minutes or until the steam subsides.
  • When you're finished, slip the seat away anywhere for storage (it's only about an inch thick!). 

This seat does not have legs & does not come with the base. This makes it easy to store & allows you to choose a base that best meets your needs. 

This is a special investment in yourself!

Vibrant Souls handcrafts each yoni steam seat from Baltic-birth wood in their family shop in Colorado. They appreciate your support of their business, especially as prices of raw materials have continued to rise.

For more information, please visit the Vibrant Souls Yoni Steam Seat FAQ

For best results, pair your Yoni Steam Seat with the PAAVANI Ayurveda Herbal Yoni Steam.


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