7 Ways to Use Our Aromatherapy Spritzers

1. Balancing Aromatherapy

Spritz & inhale deeply to balance your many moods. 

2. Refreshing Mist

Stay cool & refreshed while spending time in the sun.

3. Add to Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Pour your favorite PAAVANI Spritzer into your aromatherapy diffuser to fill your entire room with dosha balancing aromatherapy.

4. Pillow Spray

Infuse the subtle energy of aromatherapy into your dreams.


5. Air Freshener

Spritz around your room to purify & cleanse your space.


6. Incorporate into Your Daily Self-Care

Use while taking a relaxing soak by either spritzing liberally on your face or adding your Spritzer directly into the bathtub.  



7. Yoga & Meditation

Utilize your PAAVANI Spritzers to help  bring you into a present state of awareness during your yoga & meditation practices. 


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