A Spring Equinox Ritual: 5 Senses Meditation

“Blossom by blossom, the spring begins."

-Algernone Charles Swinburne

As late winter marches forward into spring, the brave daffodils are some of the first to begin to push their way through the cold, rain-drenched soil up into the vast world above. Each time we pass a patch of yellow daffodils dancing sprightly in the wind, we are reminded to embody the gentle courageousness of this joyful flower. 

Each year the daffodils keep us connected to the circadian rhythms of nature, reminding us that springtime is near & cheerfully inspiring us to rouse ourselves from deep winter hibernation so that we may reach out, stretch our limbs & feel the warmth of the sun as it returns back to the Northern hemisphere.

In honor of the first day of spring & the abundant blessings of kapha season, we would like to gift you a Spring Meditation which captures the wild beauty of daffodils & the sounds of mother nature. We hope this visual meditation helps reawaken your senses & enlivens your connection to the burgeoning world around you. 

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