Summer Essentials Guide

Summer is Officially Here!

As we approach the summer solstice, the days are long, hot & full of sun. With these longer sun-kissed days, the fiery qualities of pitta naturally begin to accumulate in our environment, therefore affecting our mind, body & skin.

During this time of year, pitta can become imbalanced more easily. Common pitta imbalances include: inflammation, hyper-acidity, indigestion, loose stools, fever, skin sensitivity, redness, rashes, acne, an overly passionate demeanor, anger or a short fuse.

To help keep you feeling cool, calm & collected during the heat & intensity of pitta season, check out our PAAVANI Summer Essentials Guide!

Pitta Body Oil

This summer, keep your skin smooth, nourished & protected the all-natural way! This organic body oil is formulated by slowly infusing soothing herbs of gotu kola, rose & coriander into cooling sunflower & moisturizing almond oil. This body oil will leave you feeling good knowing just what you are putting on your skin while showing off your summer tan.

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The Eye Wash Ritual

Keep your eyes, clear, healthy & bright all summer long! Ayurveda refers to the eyes as the windows to the soul & the home of alochaka pitta. Therefore, summer is an essential time to cleanse the eyes from excess heat, gunk & stimuli. This ritual also helps to reduce redness & dark circles as well as re-hydrate tired, overworked eyes.

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The Aromatherapy Ritual Kit

Spritz your way back to balance this summer! This kit includes all four of our Aromatherapy Spritzers to balance each dosha & all moods. Use Vata to feel calm & grounded, Pitta for heart opening & cooling, Kapha to elevate & motivate & Tridoshic for balance & bliss.

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Coconut Milk Bath

Soothe your sunburn with our Coconut Milk Bath! This Ayurvedic bathing ritual moisturizes the body, cools the skin & calms the senses. Prepare under the evening moon, for even more pitta reducing benefits.

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Anti-itch remedy

Anti-itch Remedy

Keep those itchy, pitta rashes at ease! Arm yourself with the all-natural relief from the unbearable itch of poison oak, ivy, sumac & bug bites; which are often times hard to avoid when you love to spend the summer outdoors. This organic spray will not only stop the itch but will also dry out weeping rashes & heal your skin back to optimal health.

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