Summer Solstice Rituals to Welcome Pitta Season

Today, as the sun reaches its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, we are blessed with the longest day of the year—a powerful time to celebrate the sun's life force, the beauty of nature and your own personal growth so far this year.

In Ayurveda, summer is associated with pitta dosha, which governs internal heat, metabolism & transformation. Below we share some Ayurvedic-inspired ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice, balance the fiery energy of pitta & embrace the abundant light that is available for us all to enjoy.

- Start your day with Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskar ) to honor the sun & harmonize your body's energy.

- Engage in a guided meditation focusing on cooling & calming the mind. Try this Cooling & Soothing Meditation .

- Make a journal entry reflecting on lessons learned during the spring season & set intentions for the new season ahead. 

- Perform a self-abhyanga with cooling oils like sunflower oil or our Pitta Body Oil to nourish & calm your skin, body & mind.

- Give yourself an Ayurvedic facial using our Pitta Skincare RitualRose Quartz Tool.

- Take a Coconut Milk Bath. As you soak, visualize any negative energy transmuting into love, allowing yourself to lead with your heart.

- Spritz yourself with our Pitta Spritzer & inhale it's cooling, soothing & heart-opening aroma.

- Prepare a meal using cooling, seasonal pitta-balancing ingredients. Try our Pitta Balancing Chickpea Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing with our Pitta Spice Blend.

- Sip on refreshing, cooling drinks like rose-infused water & mint tea. Try our DIY Cooling Waters to Beat the Summer Heat or our Cool & Calm Blend Tea.

- Connect with nature! Walk barefoot on the cool morning earth, swim in a natural source of water &/or forage for cooling, native herbs like chamomile & peppermint to create healing teas.

- Adorn your space with bouquets of local, seasonal flowers.

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In whatever way feels right for you, we hope you embrace the nourishment of the Summer Solstice & warmly welcome the beginning of summer.

Blessings to you this summer,

Leah & Trudy

A Summer Solstice Blessing

“May you find time to honor the Sun, which brings us Light & Heat & Fire. 

May you offer gratitude to the Sun for bringing Life to Earth,

May your heart open to all that is created by the Sun on any given summer day.”

-Jeanne Crane


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