Fall Essentials Guide for Balancing Vata

This week, we celebrated the Fall Equinox. The fall and spring equinoxes are the only two days of the year when the day and night are in perfect balance between light and dark. The equinox marks the transition from the warm sun-kissed days of summer to the long, cold nights of fall and winter. At this time, there is also a transition from pitta energy to vata energy. Now that vata dosha takes centerstage, the air and ether elements become the most predominant in our environment. We will begin to see the effect these elements make in the natural world as the leaves begin to change color and eventually fall and, simultaneously, the air begins to become cool, light and crisp.  

Vata dosha has the ability to bring clarity and creativity into our lives. Use the positive energy of vata this autumn and take a moment to reflect metaphorically on all of the seeds of hope you have planted and how they have blossomed into fruition. It is a time to ask oneself “what has served me these past 9 months?” and “what do I need to release in order to grow?” Fall is a time to enjoy the bounty of your hard work and dedication and also a time to release stagnant energy that is holding you back from your true potential and dharma. It is also an ideal time to harness the creative energy that the air and ether elements provide, by starting a new project or becoming clear with what it is that you would like to create or call into your life.

During vata season, it is also easier to become imbalanced in the qualities of air and ether. This means that dry skin, constipation and gas, dehydration, worry, fear, anxiety, insomnia and overwhelm may happen more readily in our bodies and minds. Therefore, it is generally good for all of us to cultivate balance through food and lifestyle practices that encourage warmth, moisture, grounding and stability. Below you will find our Fall Essentials Guide, which will provide you with our favorite warming, hydrating, nourishing and vata balancing offerings to help keep you feeling supported and healthy during this season of autumnal change. 

From our hearts to yours, Happy Vata Season!

woman using PAAVANI Vata Spritzer


This Fall, keep your mind steady, calm & at ease! Formulated with the grounding qualities of palo santo, lavender, cardamom & vetiver, this aromatherapy spritzer not only smells ahh-mazing but it will keep your overly active mind stable & serine.

PAAVANI vata body oil


Quench the thirst of your skin with our Vata Body Oil! This organic, herbal oil is formulated by slowly infusing calming ashwagandha, hydrating shatavari & warming cinnamon into nourishing sesame & almond oil. Pair with your shower or bath & we promise your skin will be pleased!

PAAVANI organic herbal hydrate blend tea


Hydrate & relax your entire being with our Hydrate Blend Tea! Formulated with demulcent & adaptogenic herbs to retain moisture in the body & relieve stress from the mind, this 100% herbal tea is the perfect new addition to your evening ritual!

woman using PAAVANI ear oil


Discover the vata pacifying benefits of oiling your ears! This ancient Ayurvedic practice, known as karna purana, provides nourishment & protection to the ears, maintaining optimal auditory health, a relaxed jaw & a grounded demeanor. 

mug of PAAVANI golden milk


Keep warm from the inside out with our Golden Milk! Mix with your favorite type of milk to create a spiced, turmeric latte that your skin will thank & your senses will crave. 

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