Your Ayurvedic Skincare Questions Answered

When it comes to skincare, there are so many different philosophies and protocols, that it may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed on which skincare regimen is right for you. At PAAVANI, our methods are steeped in the wisdom and practices of Ayurvedic medicine. Seeing as Ayurveda has been practiced for over 5,000 years, it is needless to say that this medical system and approach to skin health is time tested and skin approved. That’s why each of our PAAVANI products are formulated with the intention of keeping this Ayurvedic wisdom alive. All of our products are made by hand in our Northern California apothecary with the same pure, organic, earth-based ingredients and techniques that have been used since Ayurveda first began.

We believe that Ayurvedic skincare is a simple, yet highly effective approach to ensuring your skin remains balanced, healthy, radiant and clear. Although these practices are simple in many ways, we also understand that Ayurveda can be quite different from the norm. We want you to feel 100% confident while using PAAVANI skincare, so below we have answers to some of your most frequently asked skincare questions. We hope that these FAQs help to clear up any lingering questions that may have been on your mind, empowering you to level up your Ayurvedic skincare ritual! 

How Do I Use the PAAVANI Cleanser & Mask as a Cleanser? How Do I Use It as a Mask?

To use your PAAVANI Cleanser & Mask as a cleanser, mix 1 tsp of the powder with your PAAVANI Floral Water to create a thin paste. Then apply the paste to your skin in upward, circular strokes. Once your entire face is gently cleansed with the paste, simply rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

To use your PAAVANI Cleanser & Mask as a mask, blend a larger amount of the herbal powder, about 1 tbsp, with your PAAVANI Floral Water. This will create a thicker paste for your mask. Apply the paste to your skin in gentle, upward strokes and allow the mask to sit until it starts to dry. Leaving the mask on until completely dry is not recommended as it can be over-drying and irritating to the skin. We suggest laying down to rest and/or meditating as the mask dries on the face. 

How Often Can I Use the Cleanser & Mask? Toner? Serum?

Ayurveda recommends cleansing (cleanser & mask), nourishing (toner) and moisturizing (serum), twice per day, in the AM & PM. You can certainly follow this traditional protocol or you can experiment and see what works best for you, your skin and/or the particular day. For example, maybe you find that you can’t live without this ritual twice per day or maybe you will find that once a day is enough for you and your skin. You may also find that in the morning you like to skip the cleansing process and just splash cool water on your face  followed by the PAAVANI Toner and Serum, and save the full 3 step protocol for the evening. If you decide that you would only like to practice this ritual once per day, we believe that it is most important to practice the 3 step skincare ritual in the evening so that your skin can be purified of all the environmental toxins and build-up that have accumulated throughout your day. It is also beneficial for the skin to receive the replenishment and nourishment from  the toner and serum prior to getting into bed. This will ensure that you are maximizing your beauty sleep!

Why is the Cleanser & Mask a Powder?

An herbal powdered cleanser is the classical Ayurvedic approach to cleansing the face. Ayurveda explains that herbal powders have the ability to gently exfoliate the skin as well as deliver essential vitamins and minerals into the skin’s layers. When you gently exfoliate your skin daily, you assist the skin’s natural process of sloughing off dead skin, making way for fresh, oxygenated skin cells to take its place. 

Do I Have to Use the PAAVANI Floral Water to Blend the Cleanser & Mask and/or Serum?

No, you do not need to use the PAAVANI Floral Water to blend your Cleanser & Mask or Serum. Regular tap water will work just fine, however, the Floral Water was designed to give your skincare routine an extra boost of soothing nourishment thanks to its concentration of pure rose and lavender essential oils. We also love that the Floral Water is multifunctional and can also be used as an eye wash.

Why Do I Need to Blend the Serum with Floral Water or Water?

When water is blended with your Serum (oil), the water acts as an emulsifier and allows the oil to not just sit on the surface of the skin but actually penetrate deep within  the skin’s layers where it can work to better moisturize, balance and repair. The synergistic blend of water and oil optimally moisturizes, protects and oleates the skin’s layers, providing the ultimate nourishment without leaving an oily residue on your skin. Plus, we find that this allows for less serum to be needed with each use, as the addition of water provides an even distribution of the oil over the surface of the skin.

Why is my Skin Breaking Out After My First Time Using PAAVANI Products?

Your skin may experience a natural detoxification process for the first 2-4 weeks that you are using your PAAVANI skincare products. This process is completely normal and just implies that the earth-based ingredients are doing their job and drawing impurities to the surface of your skin. For example, our Pitta Cleanser & Mask contains detoxifying bentonite clay andneem (among other herbs) which literally pull toxic residue from deep within the skin and to its surface. Once the initial detoxification period is complete, you should start to see and experience a smoother, clearer complexion. If after 4 weeks this is not the case, please discontinue use of the products and contact us, as you may need to explore alternative PAAVANI skincare products or you could have an allergy to one of the ingredients.

Do I Use my Body Oil Before or After the Shower? 

Ayurveda recommends warming your Body Oil to a pleasant temperature and massaging it into the skin through a practice called self-abhyanga. Traditionally, you would then allow the oil to absorb into the skin for about 30 minutes prior to taking a shower. Once in the shower, the steam and hot water will open the pores of the skin, helping the Body Oil to penetrate even further into the skin’s layers. An alternative method is to apply your Body Oil after your bath or shower. With this method you will apply the Body Oil while the skin is still moist or slightly damp. This will allow the oil to absorb quickly into the skin. Air drying the body works best, but you can also have a designated robe or towel to use after your abhyanga that you don’t mind getting a bit oily. Make sure that the oil is completely absorbed into the skin prior to getting dressed. 

We hope that this list helped to clear up any questions that you may have had. May you feel confident, nourished and radiantly beautiful each time you practice your skincare ritual! 

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