Ahara Traditional Ghee


A portion of the proceeds goes to A Greener World®: Empowering transparent, humane & environmentally responsible agricultural solutions through 3rd party verification & investment in sustainability.

This authentic, Indian-style ghee is made from artisan cultured butter that is slowly cooked, in the traditional method, over an open flame. Dairy solids are meticulously removed to create a rich taste & texture. We recommend using ghee in place of butter, oils & spreads for a healthy & delicious alternative. Let yourself be creative!


Ahara Rasa makes more than just "clarified butter". According to Ayurvedic text & principles, to be true GHEE, it must be cultured to get the health benefits of improved digestion & increased mental wellness, among others. 

Ahara Rasa carefully sources their butter from farms with the highest animal welfare status & is the only ghee company to be Animal Welfare Certified® & Truly Grassfed®.  Ahara Rasa ONLY uses cultured butter. Nearly all clarified butter, being sold as "ghee" in grocery stores, including Indian grocery stores, is NOT made from cultured butter, and therefore, may lack the benefits of true ghee. 

"Ahara Rasa" (Ah-hah-rah  Ruh-Sah) means "the essence of food" in Sanskrit. It is the end product of good digestion and the subtle energy derived from your food, rather than the mass itself.

Ahara Rasa is committed to the traditional process of ghee outlined in the Charak Samhita (the ancient text of Ayurvedic Medicine). This process specifies that ghee should be made from Makhan (cultured butter) where the cream is first turned to yogurt before being churned into butter. Ahara Rasa also makes their ghee in small batches, over open flame rather than in large steam kettles like much of the other ghee on the market. Mantra is chanted & played during the entire process of ghee making to insure a sattvic (peaceful) & energetically healthy product.

We are confident that these fastidious & specific rules by which Ahara Rasa creates their ghee make for a healthier, better-tasting & more medicinally viable ghee that you will feel in every cell of your body & be proud to feed your family. 

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: cultured butter*

*certified organic

SIZE: 10oz glass jar

Organic ghee (clarified butter) can be used anywhere you might traditionally use olive oil or butter. Cook your eggs with ghee, sauté veggies, spread on toast to help break down that hard to digest gluten, add a teaspoon to your coffee, Golden Milk or Herbal Tea to balance acidity & to protect your gut lining.

For centuries, ghee has been used to remedy nearly every area of the body: as a digestive & elimination aid, for energy, for skin & eye health, for lubricating the joints & for alkalizing the blood. Embracing ghee as a part of your wellness toolkit can have a positive affect on your total health.

Nourish by Nature:

In Ayurveda, digestive & mental health are deeply connected. Ghee is considered the optimal oil for alleviating overall dryness in the body & the mind. Ghee is also considered to be ojas-building, which means that it helps to bolster a healthy immune system. 

Natural Source of Vitamins:

Rich with Omega Fatty Acids, alkaline probiotics & vitamins A & K, ghee is a natural source of essential nutrients.

Great for Digestion:

Ghee is rich in butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid used for intestinal wall support. It is also lactose & casein free, making it a better choice for those with digestive sensitivities. 

High Smoke Point:

With a smoke point of 485 degrees, ghee is ideal for high-heat cooking. Farmtrue's cooking process eliminates the milk solids that burn & oxidize.

100% Good Fat:

Comprised of full spectrum short, medium & long- chain fatty acids, grass-fed ghee is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

Made from Grass-fed Cows:

Farmtrue ghee is only sourced from humane US Dairy Farms. Organic butter from pasture-raised grass fed cows offers a nutrient dense profile, higher in butter fat and superior in taste.

Farmtrue only makes their ghee from the butter produced during the spring, summer & fall ensuring that the cow was truly eating sweet grass. This is important for both the flavor of the ghee & also promotes the health & longevity of the cows. Grass-fed dairy is better for the environment & better for us. Studies have shown that grass-fed cows produce milk with higher Omega-3 fatty acids & higher conjugated linoleic acid than grain-fed cows. Not all grass-fed dairy has the same nutritional profile & flavor. Their farmers implement a very specific nutritional grass-feeding program for their cows.

Sustainably sourced:

All of the farms that Farmtrue partners with have high sustainability standards which include crop rotation, recovery periods & grazing periods. The farmers also promote the health of the streams & springs on the farms ensuring an optimal growing environment. Another component of these standards is maintaining the health of the soil with regular testing to assess the nutrient components, soil structure & microbial components. This makes for a healthier cow & more nutrient-dense butter that you can taste in their ghee!

Sourced from U.S. Dairy:

All of Farmtrue's butter is sourced from over 30 US Dairy farms that are family-owned, certified organic & certified humane. Why is this important? The dairy industry in the U.S. is experiencing challenging times. According to the USDA, more than 3,000 dairy farms closed in 2019. Farmtrue is proud to support the farmers who have been there to supply a local source of food for us in the U.S.. This is especially relevant now as consumers are more aware of & concerned about the future food supply & the health of the US economy.

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