Kapha Season is Here! Balance Kapha Dosha for Spring

Now that we find ourselves in late winter, the moist, dull, heavy and static qualities of kapha dosha are accumulating in the natural world. At this time, we begin to see and feel the transition from the cold, dry and icy days of December and January into the slightly warmer, overcast and storm drenched days of late February and March. By springtime, when the earth begins its final thaw, kapha energy will be at its peak.

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, in order to avoid experiencing the negative aspects of kapha dosha (like congestion, sinus pressure, sluggish digestion, lethergy and oily skin) come spring, the time is NOW, in the early days of kapha season, to work on harmonizing this dosha. When we do this, the qualities of kapha will be less likely to weigh us down physically, mentally and emotionally and we can then enjoy the verdant and vital days of spring which lie ahead. 

Whether you are kapha predominant or just want to maintain kapha balance this season, below we share with you our favorite, must-have products for late winter. These offerings are herbalist formulated with the intention to detoxify, uplift and revitalize your entire being. 


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Leah & Trudy


Kapha Season Essentials

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