Summer Sun Oil Recipe

Midsummer’s Eve, also known as St. John’s Day occurs on June 24th and marks the perfect day to harvest fresh St. John’s Wort in order to receive its abundant healing benefits. St. John’s Wort is a cheerful yellow bloom with 5 petals and although native to Europe, it can now be found in temperate climates throughout the world, including the United States. Today, we want to share with you how to make your very own Summer Sun Oil in celebration of Midsummer’s Day so that you can stock your at-home apothecary with herbal oil to keep your skin hydrated and healthy all summer long.

A Sun Oil is essentially a body oil, or abhyanga oil, which contains fresh herbs and flowers in combination with a carrier oil. This formulation sits outside for 3-5 days to become infused with the energies of both the sun and the moon. Preparing a Sun Oil on Midsummer’s Day is a wonderful solstice ritual to connect you with the season and recharge you with the transformative energy of the summertime, also known as pitta season. 

Since we are in pitta season, Ayurveda recommends calling in a cooling and soothing energy; hence, when making your Sun Oil, we suggest using sunflower oil as your carrier oil. Sunflower oil is the perfect oil for balancing the heat and intensity of the summertime as it is anti-inflammatory and also rich in moisturizing Vitamin E. Although also cooling in nature, we do not recommend coconut oil because it is comedogenic, meaning that it can clog the skin’s pores and lead to a rash and/or irritation. 

Some fresh pitta balancing herbs to include in your Sun Oil include:

-St. John’s Wort
-red clover



60 oz sunflower oil (organic)

64 oz mason jar with lid

3 cups of fresh flowers & herbs. We picked fresh herbs and flowers from the garden:

-St. John’s Wort
-rose geranium


With awareness and intention, harvest your fresh pitta balancing herbs and flowers, chanting a personal mantra or the mantra "So Hum". To work with the "So Hum" mantra, internally chant "So" with the inhale and "Hum" with the exhale. This mantra translates to “I Am” and helps to remind us of our connection to the divine. Chanting this mantra will also help to connect us with the energy of Midsummer’s Day and with the plant world and its intuitive wisdom. 

Rinse the fresh herbs and flowers and let them dry so there is not external water on them. Once dry, add the fresh herbs into the mason jar and pour 60 oz of sunflower oil into the jar. Seal the jar securely with its lid.

Place the mason jar outside in the direct sun for 3-5 days. 

Once infused, strain the herbs from the oil using a mesh strainer and cheesecloth. 

Pour your Sun Oil into clean glass bottles and enjoy within one month of making it.

Because this oil is made with fresh herbs, it contains water which will make this oil expire more quickly than using dried herbs. Yet, what we love about a fresh Sun Oil is that it has high vibrations and prana, or life force energy. Each time you use this Sun Oil, it will connect you with the healing energetics of the plant medicine and the sun filled, positive energy of Midsummer’s Day. 

To learn how to use this Sun Oil to perform a self-abhyanga or self-massage click here

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