Take Action for Earth Day: Giving Back with Trees for the Future

At PAAVANI, every day is Earth Day! We are honored to commune with the plant world through the herbal formulations of our Ayurvedic offerings and wholeheartedly believe that we must bolster a symbiotic relationship with these loving beings through mindful stewardship of the Earth. Each day, we consider the Earth’s health when making choices regarding the impact of our company. We source ingredients that are grown organically, package our products in reusable glass containers instead of single-use plastic, utilize eco-friendly labels, provide compostable packaging refills and ship your orders using recyclable paper materials. These are just a few of the ways our small business consciously makes an effort to support the health and longevity of the Earth because, ultimately, we believe that the fate of our planet is all of ours to decide. 

Trees for the Future

For Earth Day 2024, we would like to recognize a transformational non-profit organization taking action to end the destructive nature of mainstream agricultural practices- Trees for the Future . Like us, Trees for the Future (also known as TREES) believes that the fate of our planet is in our hands. TREES is committed to the Earth’s well-being and future, and its mission is to break the cycle of unsustainable agriculture through its innovative Forest Garden Approach. This philosophy teaches farmers agroforestry methods and thoughtful land management, and through this meaningful action, TREES gives farmers and the Earth the ability to attain a sustainable future. 

TREES was founded in August 1989 by David Deppner. As a volunteer in the Philippines, David witnessed firsthand how deforestation for agricultural use degraded the environment and negatively affected the farmers and communities. Unfortunately, the same destructive cycle continues today in large-scale mono-agricultural practices worldwide. Unsustainable land use destroys ecosystems and biodiversity and creates a vicious cycle where farmers eventually grow and sell less food, and even they themselves have less to eat. Thus, environmental degradation for agricultural use is considered a root cause of poverty throughout the world. 

Trees for the Future

The Forest Garden Approach

We stand today with Trees for the Future to say let’s break this destructive cycle and be stewards of nature, supporting our planet rather than taking from it. TREES uses what they call their Forest Garden Approach method to teach farmers how to commune with nature, embrace trees, regenerate their land and regain their independence. The program is 4 years in length, and  TREES  provides education, seeds and other critical resources to farmers in hopes of transforming the monoculture farming method into an agroforestry method. This sustainable farming method is when diverse tree species grow alongside crops, ultimately being integrated into the farming landscape. This holistic, thoughtful method transforms degraded lands into thriving ecosystems. Through the Forest Garden Approach, soil is revitalized, biodiversity returns, carbon is captured, families are fed, incomes increase, women are empowered, economies are boosted and communities are uplifted.

As a UN World Restoration Flagship, TREES is recognized as one of the best large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts in the world. The success of the organization is largely attributed to the fact that TREES takes the aforementioned time and effort to teach farmers how to care for the land instead of merely organizing mass tree plantings. This approach brilliantly addresses the interdependent challenges of environmental degradation, its impact on climate change, food insecurity and poverty. 

Trees for the future

Your Purchases Make a Difference

We believe in Trees for the Future and are proud to announce that from Thursday, April 18th, through Monday, April 22nd (Earth Day), not only will you receive 15% OFF of all Compostable Refills, but we will also donate 5% of all Compostable Refill sales to their cause. Thanks to your PAAVANI purchases, our donation will directly support TREES’ critical initiative, which will immediately help thousands of farming families throughout 5 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where food insecurity and land degradation are immense. 

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