Yoni Steaming: The Ancient Self-Care Practice for Loving Your Vagina

We are proud to announce the launch of our Herbal Yoni Steam! In this blog, we share with you the practice of yoni steaming- what it is, its history, its benefits, which magical herbs go into making our blend and how to perform this  ancient ritual. 

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni steaming is the female self-care practice of allowing warm herbal steam to permeate the vaginal tissues and the womb by kneeling, squatting or sitting above a pot of freshly boiled water steeped with reproductive herbs. This ancient practice has been used worldwide for centuries in places such as India, Greece, eastern Europe, Africa, Korea, the Philippines, Japan and among indigenous people of the Americas like the Mayans (Mesoamerican Indians). Across the planet and throughout time , women have utilized yoni steaming as a sacred way to reconnect with the power of the divine feminine, balance their menstrual or moon cycle, increase fertility, cleanse and nourish the womb space, gracefully transition into menopause and even heal the body, heart and mind from physical, sexual and/or cultural trauma.

The word yoni is a Sanskrit term for the female reproductive organs including the vulva and vagina. This highly revered term in Hinduism recognizes the power of the goddess and the origin of life. The word yoni literally translates to mean womb, sacred space, source and divine passage. Yoni steaming is also referred to as vaginal steaming and V steaming in the West. In Korea, yoni steaming is known as chai-yok, in Central and South American cultures it is known as bajos and in Ayurvedic medicine, yoni steaming is traditionally called yoni swedana. 

PAAVANI Ayurveda herbal yoni steam

Common Benefits of Yoni Steaming

There are literally countless reasons why a woman may choose to yoni steam. 

  • Restores regularity to the menstrual or moon cycle by either stimulating stagnant menstruation or decreasing a heavy flow.
  • Brings relief to common symptoms associated with PMS and menstruation including menstrual cramps, bloating, pain and fatigue. 
  • Reduces pain associated with sexual intercourse.
  • Relieves itchiness.
  • Helps to clear uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.
  • Heals endometriosis. 
  • Promotes fertility.
  • Cleanses, tones and heals the tissues of the vagina.
  • Labor preparation and support.
  • Postpartum healing from birth, miscarriage &/or abortion. 
  • Supports the transition into menopause. 
  • Minimizes hot flashes. 
  • Balances hormones. 
  • Moisturizes and lubricates vaginal dryness &/or tightness. 
  • Surgery recovery
  • Healing from past sexual abuse and trauma. 
  • Clears vaginal &/or yeast infections. 
  • Promotes healthy prana or life force energy.
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Get to Know Our Yoni Steam Herb Blend

Our Herbal Yoni Steam is created by women for women! PAAVANI Ayurveda co-founders, Leah Klatt and Trudy Collings, formulated this herbal offering to be tridoshic (balancing to all doshas) in nature in order to meet the unique needs of all women throughout the various stages of life. Whether you are seeking to cleanse, tone, nourish, heal, balance, restore or moisturize your yoni, our Herbal Yoni Steam is a wonderful herbal preparation to incorporate into your next yoni steam ritual. The Herbal Yoni Steam ingredients include:


Mugwort has numerous benefits for the yoni! This warming and cleansing plant can balance female hormone production, which is supportive to uterine health. Further, mugwort is known as an emmenagogue, meaning that it can gently stimulate stagnant or delayed menstruation; therefore, promoting a healthy and balanced moon cycle. Mugwort is also well renowned for helping to ease menstrual cramps and pain. Finally, this protective herb also provides the yoni with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. 


Known in Ayurvedic medicine as both a rasayana and demulcent herb, shatavari strengthens the uterus and reproductive system and can help to rebalance and relubricate vaginal dryness. 


Rose Known as the Queen of Flowers and Sister to the Heart and Womb, rose soothes, cleanses and tonifies the vaginal tissue. Since rose is cooling in nature, it is well utilized to minimize hot flashes associated with menopause. 


Cooling lavender promotes a healthy menstrual flow, provides antibacterial support and lubricates the yoni.


A powerful vulnerary, calendula helps to heal the skin by promoting cellular repair, making this an excellent plant ally to heal and nourish the vaginal tissue after childbirth. 


Rosemary is a warming herb that helps to boost circulation, bringing fresh blood to the reproductive organs. Thanks to its circulatory abilities, rosemary also proficiently eliminates stagnant blood, fluids and old energy from the yoni. Lastly, rosemary provides antiseptic and anti-fungal properties to promote yoni health. 

How to Yoni Steam

Select a large bowl or pot in which to prepare your yoni steam. Pour 4-6 cups of boiled water into your large bowl and add 4-6 tablespoons of Herbal Yoni Steam. If you have a Yoni Steam Seat, you can now set it up by placing your steam into your container and connecting the seat. If you do not have a seat, simply place your steam in your desired location where you would like to steam. Before steaming, hold your hand above the steam to make sure it is at a safe temperature. Undress the lower half of your body and sit on your Yoni Steam Seat or simply kneel or squat over your Herbal Yoni Steam preparation. Use a towel or blanket to cover the lower half of your body and enjoy until the steam subsides. We recommend this self-care ritual 1-3 times per month. 

Contraindications for yoni steaming

Refrain from yoni steaming if you are pregnant, think you are pregnant, menstruating, immediate postpartum, have an IUD or another contraceptive device and/or have a vaginal infection or open wound. Remove any genital piercings before steaming.

Revive & Thrive with Yoni Steaming

The self-care ritual of yoni steaming allows women to take the time to honor their reproductive system, connect with the strength of their female ancestral lineage, heal collective female trauma and revitalize their life force energy. When a woman steams her yoni, she is able to naturally and intentionally create space for old energy to be released and new energy and vitality to be received. May this centuries-old herbal practice help to bring health, mindfulness, empowerment, self-love and sacredness (sadhana) into the lives of all women everywhere and a loving peace into their hearts.  

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@DeniseMcCoy Yes! If one is experiencing vaginal atrophy, the moisturizing properties of this herbal blend can help restore moisture and balance to vaginal lining.

PAAVANI Ayurveda April 07, 2024

I am a 62-year-old woman that has had a partial hysterectomy, so no uterus and missing one ovary. Would this be beneficial for me? I do have vaginal atrophy and that is my biggest concern. I’m done with menopause no hot flashes or anything like that anymore. Thank you in advance for any comments or advice.

Denise McCoy April 07, 2024

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