25 Simple Ways to Honor the Earth

This Earth Day, we would like to encourage you to think about the simple things that you can do to honor the Earth each and every day.


  1. Shop with reusable produce & grocery bags.

  2. Buy in bulk & bring your own containers to fill up your herbs, rice, nut butters & more!

  3. Plant a garden.

  4. Participate in a local nature cleanup.

  5. Share your favorite outdoor space with someone you love.

  6. Put up a birdhouse or hummingbird feeder in your yard.

  7. Use a refillable water bottle.

  8. Use your purchasing power to support sustainable, eco-friendly companies.

  9. Reduce your meat consumption.

  10. Shop local and organic.

  11. Round up your PAAVANI cart total at checkout & donate to The Nature Conservancy.

  12. Introduce someone to your favorite all-natural, earth-friendly products.

  13. Avoid purchasing single-use plastic products.

  14. Take a moonlight soak with our Coconut Milk Bath & set intentions for a healthy earth.

  15. Reuse or recycle your PAAVANI containers.

  16. Switch your bills to e-bills. 

  17. Get involved at the local level & learn how you can protect the environment in your community. 

  18. Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives. 

  19. Say goodbye to one-use plastic, toxic cleaning products! There are now companies like Blueland & Dropps helping to make your home a clean & more environmentally friendly space. 

  20. Visit the ingredients section of our website & learn more about the healing powers of plants.

  21. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth.

  22. Learn about the recycling programs available in your county. 

  23. Start a compost bin. 

  24. Say no to plastic straws & utensils- invest in a reusable straw & utensil set. 

  25. Feel gratitude for the earth.

We hope that you found this list to be inspiring. Please comment below with any other ways that you like to honor the Earth.


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