A Skincare Routine From & By the Earth

The spring equinox has arrived and there are a plentitude of amazing Ayurvedic practices one can implement to slough off those heavy winter layers that may be weighing you down both physically and/or mentally. According to Ayurveda, spring, known as kapha season, is an optimal time to gently detoxify the body and mind. From kitchari cleanses, to cleaning out your closet, to increasing your physical exercise, there are a myriad of ways to reset, recharge and revitalize.

As a skincare company, we are constantly reminded of the detoxifying benefits of a daily Ayurvedic skincare routine. Traditionally used, powdered clay-based cleansers & masks, are the perfect way to draw toxins out of the body while also promoting smooth, clear, healthy radiant skin. Our dosha specific Cleanser & Mask Ritual Kits were launched earlier this month to further encourage the use of powdered herbs and clays in one’s skincare routine. This ritual gives its user an opportunity to take time out of their day to connect with the spirit of the clay and herbs that are lovingly cleansing and nourishing the skin. Each Ritual Kit includes an eco-friendly Wooden Bowl & Spoon to mix and activate the Cleanser & Mask with our Floral Water to create a detoxifying herbal scrub. This practice is ritualistic and meditative, easily becoming one of our favorite parts of the day.

If you would like to learn more about how PAAVANI Cleansers & Masks work, check out our interview, A Skincare Routine From & By the Earth, with Rumin Jehangir. Rumin is an Ayurvedic professional and creator of the Ayurveda inspired company and digital journal Chit.Chaat.Chai. Last month we had the opportunity to sit down with Rumin and chatted about all things Ayurveda. We specifically discussed our Cleansers & Masks and how their formulations came to include clay for all the doshas. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Rumin over chai and had deep belly laughs, as we learned of one another’s backgrounds, interests and common love for Ayurveda. Thank you Rumin for your support and all you do to share Ayurveda with the world. You are a true inspiration to us and we look forward to the next time we get to share space with you.

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