Kapha Reducing Ayurvedic Ginger Bath Salt Recipe

This month, we are encouraging all things which promote self-love, because we believe that loving the self should come first. Ayurveda has a deep history of empowering self-love in a myriad of beautiful, nurturing, accessible ways and you do not need to book a day at a fancy Ayurvedic spa to access it. All you need is some DIY Ayurvedic beauty rituals to let your inner beauty and love shine. At PAAVANI, we formulate all of our products with this in mind. Bringing Ayurveda into your homes and daily rituals is what inspires us to work, with devotion, each day.

Bathing is a ritual that fosters more self-love. It connects us with our physical bodies, allows our minds to experience calm and creates ease in our hearts. Today, we are sharing with you a Ginger Detox Salt Bath Recipe, perfect for late wintertime. Seasonally, we are entering kapha season and with an increase of kapha dosha in the natural world, our minds may feel a little cloudy and uninspired, our bodies may experience stagnation, lethargy and stiffness while our skin may be congested and oily. To remedy this, Ayurveda teaches us that now is the time to begin a gentle detoxification process to uplift the mind, body and senses. When we gently detoxify, we increase circulation, warmth and feel revived.

This Ginger Detox Salt Bath will create some heat and you may break a sweat. Therapies that make you perspire or sweat in Ayurveda are called svedana therapies. When we sweat, toxins that have built up in the organs of the body release, circulation increases and our skin even benefits from this practice. Clogged pores expel the dirt, grime and toxins, decongesting the skin, while moisture is brought to the surface, rehydrating the skin and the minerals and salt contained within sweat, naturally exfoliate and brighten. A Ginger Detox Salt Bath is also an excellent remedy for joint pain, swelling and digestive upset. It calms the nervous system and can keep us healthy during cold and flu season. Subtly, the bath will help you let go of any negative self-talk and release whatever emotions or thoughts have been weighing you down, making space for more self-love and acceptance.

This recipe blends magnesium-rich Epsom salt with your choice of Himalayan or dead sea salt. Both are mineral-rich and further aid in the detoxification process. Baking soda has a mild exfoliating effect on the skin and has also been known to reduce blemishes. Dry ginger will help the body to sweat, cleanse and heal. We have also chosen several kapha balancing essential oils for you to play around with and create an aromatherapy profile of your own.

Please note, this recipe is ideal for reducing kapha dosha and vata dosha. If you are experiencing a pitta imbalance, please omit the dry ginger powder when making your bath salts, as ginger is too heating when pitta dosha is already vitiated. Some other contraindications of using this bath include rashes, skin irritation/inflammation and/or open wounds.

Ginger Detox Salt Bath Recipe


2  cups Epsom salt

½  cup Himalayan or dead sea salt

½  cup Baking soda

¼  cup Ginger powder

25 drops Essential oil:


  1. Combine salts, baking soda and ginger powder together in a large bowl.
  2. Slowly combine essential oil into the bowl, while stirring.
  3. Bottle your creation in an airtight container, like a mason jar.
Woman in PAAVANI Ayurveda Coconut Milk Bath with flowers

The Self-Love Bathing Ritual  

*this ritual is best to do in the evening

  1. Arrange what you need for your bathing ritual: a favorite towel, bathrobe, slippers, candles and bath salts.
  2. Draw a hot bath and drink a soothing cup of our Bliss Blend Tea.
  3. Light the candles, play some soothing music & dim or turn off the lights.
  4. Add ¼ cup of the bath salts to the bathtub. *You can also place the bath salts in a muslin bag if you do not want to put the bath salts directly into the bathtub to save on clean up time.
  5. Soak for 15-20 minutes, reflecting on what you love about you & what is no longer serving you, then let it go.
  6. Emerge from & drain the bath.
  7. With your skin still damp, perform your self-abhyanga with PAAVANI Body Oil to continue the ritual of self-love & nourishment.
  8. Continue the detoxification process of your skin, using your PAAVANI Cleanser & Mask. Follow up with PAAVANI Facial Toner & Serum to balance & nourish.
  9. Wrap up in your favorite robe & continue winding down for the evening.

Hero photo by Alyssa Keys @alyssakeysphoto

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