Meet our New Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil for Healthy, Lustrous Locks!

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our newest product - Herbal Hair Oil! This offering was inspired by ancient Ayurvedic tradition and highly encouraged by the multitude of requests that we have received throughout the years. The ritual of applying herbal oil to the hair and scalp has been practiced for centuries to treat hair loss, thinning, breakage and graying due to imbalance and stress in the body and the mind.  Here we share with you the beneficial actions of each earth-based ingredient that formulates our Herbal Hair Oil, why Ayurveda says you should be oiling your hair and how to use your Herbal Hair Oil.


Balancing to all doshas, our Herbal Hair Oil contains the plant medicine of brahmi, bhringaraj, ashwagandha, amalaki, cedar atlas, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, sunflower and sesame.  Our formulation process follows the traditional Ayurvedic method of cooking whole plants into carrier oil in order to obtain the fat-soluble properties of the plant within the finished product. By preparing our Herbal Hair Oil with this particular method, all of the intentional value that each of our chosen ingredients offers will take an active role in nourishing and cleansing your hair and scalp. Once the medicated oil is prepared, we then infuse it with supportive essential oils for additional herbal assistance and soul-soothing aromatherapy. Now, let’s take a closer look at the intuitive wisdom contained within each Herbal Hair Oil ingredient!

Base Oils

Sunflower Oil

Extracted from sunflower seeds, sunflower oil is packed with vitamins E, B1, B5, B6, C and K and minerals like copper, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Also high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, like oleic acid and linoleic acid, sunflower oil can help stimulate new hair growth, combat hair damage (brought on by environmental stressors, heat styling and color processing), enhance shine, preserve moisture, reduce frizz and restore balance to a dry, flaky scalp.

Sesame Oil

Extracted from sesame seeds, sesame oil is rich in vitamins B and E, in minerals like calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This Ayurvedic favorite has an innate ability to promote growth as well as strengthen and moisturize dry, brittle hair. It also has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to relieve an itchy scalp. Lastly, sesame oil contains naturally occurring SPF, which helps protect from harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Whole Plant Herbs


A central rejuvenating herb in Ayurvedic medicine, brahmi helps to regenerate the health and vitality of the hair and scalp with its antioxidant and vitamin C-rich properties. Also considered clarifying, once applied, brahmi detoxifies the hair and scalp, making way for strong, thick hair follicles to grow. Additionally, brahmi’s ability to balance and soothe the nervous system will help your entire being feel rejuvenated as your hair shimmers and shines!  


Nicknamed the “ruler of hair” bhringaraj is touted as THE ultimate Ayurvedic herbal remedy for hair health, growth and balance. Abundant in nutrients like vitamins D and E, iron, calcium and magnesium, while also stimulating to the scalp, bhringaraj helps to awaken hair follicles and promote hair growth. Cooling in nature, this herbal superstar is also known to help reduce hair loss, thinning and graying brought on by stress and excess pitta dosha. Also working as a scalp exfoliator, bhringaraj aids in eliminating a dry, itchy scalp as well as reducing dandruff.


Stress and inflammation can contribute to thinning and loss of hair. Ashwagandha, with its rejuvenating, strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties is an excellent ally to call upon to reduce stress, soothe the senses and therefore improve hair growth. Not to mention, ashwagandha is abundant in antioxidant-rich vitamin C and nutrients like iron and calcium which can protect the hair and scalp.


Also known as amla, amalaki contains a high amount of vitamin C which makes this classic Ayurvedic herb wonderful at clarifying the scalp and detoxifying any chemical build up, dirt and grime that can inhibit healthy hair growth. With its robust levels of vitamin E, you can kiss frizz goodbye and say hello to smoothness and shine. Lastly, amalaki improves blood circulation to the scalp and due to this, fresh nutrients and oxygen help to build strong and abundant hair follicles.

Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil with Lavender

Essential Oils

Cedar Atlas

Cedar atlas essential oil is extracted from the Atlas cedar, a species of pine tree. It contains a heady, uplifting and woody aroma that leaves the hair feeling and smelling refreshed. Cedar atlas is known for its ability to combat dandruff, a flaky scalp and balance sebum (oil) secretions of the skin. Lastly, it acts as an antimicrobial, keeping the hair and scalp cleansed and supported.


Once massaged into the scalp, rosemary immediately gets to work cleansing and clearing dandruff and chemical buildup. Even more, rosemary helps to stimulate circulation, strengthen hair follicles and foster abundant hair growth. With its ability to speed up cell turnover, rosemary can also thicken and smooth hair strands, reducing hair breakage and split ends.


Noted in herbalism to fortify hair follicles and stimulate hair growth, lavender also acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent to maintain a dandruff and flake-free scalp. Additionally, lavender has a moisturizing effect, leaving both the hair and scalp feeling replenished and hydrated. Not to mention, the scent of lavender carries a calming, sweet and loving aroma.


Cooling and tingling peppermint balances the scalp’s sebum production meaning that it can reduce excess oil that can cause your hair to feel dull and greasy. Stimulating blood circulation, peppermint also encourages hair growth while it clears away buildup or residue at the hair’s root. Lastly, peppermint contains antimicrobial compounds to soothe an itchy scalp.


As you can see, there are enormous benefits in regularly oiling the hair, especially if you choose to use our Ayurvedically formulated Herbal Hair Oil for this self-care ritual. For thousands of years, Ayurveda has stressed the importance of oiling the hair in order to develop and/or maintain thick, lustrous, gorgeous locks and a healthy scalp, but the Ayurvedic science behind oiling the hair doesn’t just stop there. Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that the act of lovingly anointing one’s hair and scalp with Herbal Hair Oil will help restore balance and ease to an overworked, depleted nervous system and frazzled mind. Further, as one gently massages oil into the scalp and hair, pleasure receptors are activated in the brain, the breath begins to soften and expand and self-awareness and mindfulness heighten. This is why oiling the hair is more than just a way to reveal your most beautiful tresses, it is also meant to be a meditative ritual to deepen your connection with your entire body, spirit and mind.

woman with long beautiful, healthy hair


Vata Dosha

Vata type hair is prone to dryness and frizziness, can break easily and be on the thinner side. Additionally, a vata type scalp can experience dryness, flakiness, dandruff and itchiness. Our Herbal Hair Oil will deliver the vitamins and minerals people with vata type hair or those experiencing a vata imbalance need for their hair to lock in moisture and experience smoothness and shine. Correspondingly, the Herbal Hair Oil’s vata-balancing ingredients like bhringaraj, sesame oil and ashwagandha will fortify and strengthen vata type hair as well as help heal a dry, flaky and/or itchy scalp. For the mental and emotional body that is imbalanced in vata dosha, oiling the hair can help calm and stabilize the nervous system, ease anxiety and ground the mind.

Pitta Dosha

Pitta type hair is on the fine side and may experience premature graying and/or hair loss. Also, a pitta type scalp can become oily rather quickly. Fortunately, ingredients found within our Herbal Hair Oil, like cedar atlas, rosemary and peppermint work wonderfully to regulate sebum (oil) production. As for premature graying and hair loss, there are a plethora of herbs in our Herbal Hair Oil that can help combat this including bhringaraj, brahmi and amalaki. Another woe for people predominant in pitta dosha or experiencing a pitta imbalance is that they can mentally and emotionally feel hot, intense and angry. The simple but transformative act of mindfully massaging our Herbal Hair Oil into the scalp will help to cool, soothe and calm their being. We particularly love the cooling energetics of sunflower oil, brahmi, amalaki and lavender contained within the Herbal Hair Oil and their innate ability to pacify pitta dosha.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha type hair is thick, wavy and abundant, but can, unfortunately, be prone to congestion and oiliness. Again, ingredients like cedar atlas, rosemary and peppermint work wonderfully to regulate sebum (oil) production and are a part of our Herbal Hair Oil. A kapha type scalp is prone to experience build-up and scaly, itchy dandruff. This is when the power of circulatory stimulants, antibacterials and antimicrobials are key! These actions are delivered through our Herbal Hair Oil thanks to herbs like rosemary, peppermint, bhringaraj and amalaki. Mentally and emotionally, people predominant in kapha dosha or experiencing a kapha imbalance can feel lethargic, unmotivated, heavy and dull, but a regular practice of massaging oil into the hair and scalp can help to increase circulation, gently stimulate the nervous system, awaken the mind and uplift the senses.


Our Herbal Hair Oil can be used weekly as an Ayurvedic hair and scalp treatment and daily for added moisture and protection. For daily use, simply apply a few drops to the ends of damp or dry hair for added shine, frizz control and hydration. Our Herbal Hair oil may also be doubled up as a beard oil for those of you with facial hair. For the true Ayurvedic experience, we recommend oiling your hair and scalp weekly for optimal health and as a way to give yourself more space for self-love and self-care. An opportune time to oil your hair and scalp is when you perform your self-abhyanga, also known as an Ayurvedic body massage. Below are our step-by-step directions on how to use our Herbal Hair Oil as a weekly hair and scalp treatment:


  1. Place your Herbal Hair Oil in a small crockpot set to the low or warm setting,  if you do not have a crock pot you may also place it into a bowl of hot water or simply run it under hot water until it reaches the desired temperature. 

  2. As your oil warms, part your hair in the center.

  3. Before applying the Herbal Hair Oil to your scalp, ensure that the oil is a warm, safe and pleasant temperature, which is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  

  4. Using the included dropper top, lightly apply the oil to your scalp along the part. 

  5. Continue to apply the oil to different sections of the scalp until the entire scalp is oiled.

  6. To perform the scalp massage make gentle clockwise movements on the scalp, feeling any tension or holding melt away. 

  7. Place your hands at the crown of your head and pause there to center and calm yourself. 

  8. Tilt the head forward and massage the back of the head and neck, releasing any tension in that area.

  9. Begin to comb the oil through your hair with your fingertips, working from root to tip. 

  10. Once near the ends of your hair, give your hair a very gentle pull to help further stimulate circulation to the scalp. 

  11. If necessary, add more oil with your hands and work it down to the tips of your hair.

  12. If you have long hair, you can wrap your hair in a loose bun on the top of your head.

  13. You can cover your head and hair with a shower cap to help retain some heat to further activate the Herbal Hair Oil and leave on for at least 30 minutes.

  14. If you opt to leave the Herbal Hair Oil in overnight, remember to wrap your hair in a towel or piece of fabric that you do not mind getting oily and also protect your pillow with a piece of fabric. 

  15. To remove the oil, apply shampoo directly to your dry oiled hair and then add water to rinse.

Ayurvedic hair oil treatment


We hope that we have given you greater insight into why oiling the hair is a revered ancient Ayurvedic practice that imparts beauty and wisdom from the inside out. When we consciously make time for ourselves by engaging in Ayurvedic self-care rituals, we have the opportunity to connect with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects that make us whole and unique. We also deepen our connection to the plant world when we can commune with the smell, texture, wisdom and feeling of nature on our skin. May our Herbal Hair Oil offering make your locks abundant, strong, moisturized and nourished. May it leave your scalp feeling revitalized, healthy and refreshed and may it remind you that self-care is an essential part of your health and well-being.

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