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As the wisdom of Ayurveda, India’s 5,000 year old medical system, continues to inspire modern day approaches to health and wellness, understanding the foundations of this ancient medical system is essential in order to appropriately apply this science and its practices into one’s life. Despite this fact, we have noticed that information offered about Ayurveda on the internet may at times be confusing, overwhelming and disjointed for someone that has not been properly introduced to the basic concepts and philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine. We believe that, as one begins to learn about this science, it is important to have a trusted, qualified source to lean on for accurate information. That is why, at PAAVANI, we are here to serve you and all of your Ayurvedic needs! Not only do we provide organic, earth-based, traditional Ayurvedic products, but we are also dedicated to sharing the knowledge of Ayurveda with you so that you may continue to expand and grow your understanding of what it means to live an authentic Ayurvedic lifestyle.

PAAVANI co-founders, Leah Klatt and Trudy Collings, are both qualified Ayurvedic Health Practitioners and Herbalists who have been immersed in the study of Ayurvedic medicine for over 10 years. Trudy and Leah met while studying at the California College of Ayurveda where they were trained in Ayurvedic philosophy, preventative medicine, disease management, herbalism and body therapies. During their time at the college, Leah and Trudy also had the opportunity to work directly with patients and apprenticed in the herbal apothecary. Their time immersed in studying Ayurvedic medicine, combined with their own personal healing journeys, have brought them to where they are today. Needless to say, when you turn to PAAVANI as your source for Ayurvedic information, you can rest assured in knowing that you are learning Ayurveda from qualified practitioners that have a passion for this healing science. 

To deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and how to successfully apply it in your life, we are excited to now be offering an online virtual classroom where you can take the classes - Introduction to Ayurveda and Introduction to Dinacharya. These classes have been designed by the PAAVANI founders themselves and are taught by co-founder Trudy Collings. Both offerings are 2 hours in length, delivered directly to your inbox and are available for you to reference and learn from on your own schedule and for as long as you like. 


Let’s take a further look at what you will learn in both classes:

Introduction to Ayurveda

The essential Ayurvedic introductory class, Introduction to Ayurvedaexplores: the 5 elements, the 3 doshas and the 20 gunas of all matter. A clear understanding of these concepts will provide you with a strong foundation from which to discover your own Ayurvedic constitution and how to apply this holistic medical system into your life. Ayurvedic philosophy and psychology are also covered as well as how to support greater health, happiness and balance through traditional Ayurvedic protocols. 

Introduction to Dinacharya

Dinacharya is the Sanskrit term for Ayurvedic daily routines or rituals. When one implements dinacharya, a greater sense of stability and wellbeing can be achieved. From traditional Ayurvedic daily practices like tongue scraping, oil pulling and self-abhyanga, to which foods are best for each dosha and why, this engaging Introduction to Dinacharya virtual class covers all that you need to know to start truly living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Creating an Ayurvedic daily routine that works for you is an empowering commitment to your health and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to be your guides!


It truly is our privilege and honor to introduce you to the science and art of Ayurvedic medicine. We hope that you choose us to be your support and guides on your Ayurvedic journey towards growth, nourishment and awakening to your highest Self. Please know that you can always rely on us to be an approachable and trusted source for your Ayurvedic education. We wish you much success on your path to perfect health! Please enjoy our virtual classroom and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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