Turquoise Moon Phases Cuff Bracelet

Silver or gold plated brass cuff bracelet carved with moon phase design & set with a round turquoise cabochon. Light or dark antique finish, engraved geometric design & hammered texture on the band.

Measures 2" x 2.5" x .5". Metal is slightly malleable & adjustable.

Handmade with Love in Colorado by Hiouchi Jewels.  


Turquoise is known to strengthen, align & elevate all chakras. It is valuable for its grounding energy, strength, protection & ability to improve meditation. Turquoise is a healer of the spirit, providing soothing energy & bringing peace of mind. It acts to induce wisdom & understanding, enhance trust, increase kindness & the recognition of beauty. When it comes to romance, it is said to promote spontaneity & to stimulate the initiation of love. Turquoise can be used to balance the male/female aspects of one's character, bringing forth the qualities of mental & spiritual equality, & harmonized energies. Turquoise is balancing to all doshas.

* Please note that the Turquoise Moon Phases Cuff Bracelet will be shipped separately.

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