5 Winter Wellness Essentials For Kapha Season

Have you been finding it difficult to rise and shine lately? Maybe you are becoming less motivated to make it to your early morning yoga class or workout because staying home, cozy in your pajamas, having a Netflix and chill day sounds like the most fabulous thing ever. First of all, don’t worry, we love the occasional Netflix and chill day too! Secondly, you aren’t alone in feeling the inclination to hibernate during this time of year. As we move deeper into the cold, dark, damp days of late winter, there is a transition from vata energy to kapha energy, as we become enveloped in the predominant qualities of kapha dosha. According to Ayurveda, India’s holistic medical system,  the latter half of winter through spring is considered kapha season. This means that it is typical to feel more heavy, cold and dull during this time of year when these qualities become predominant in our environment. 

What is the Ayurvedic remedy for feeling this way? We must counterbalance the heavy, cold and dull qualities of kapha dosha with the opposing qualities of light, warm and sharp. When we do this, we are able to release the heavy, lethargic nature that kapha season can bring and return our bodies and minds back to a state of equilibrium. This is done through moving our bodies, activating our minds and evoking our agni or digestive fire. 

Below you will find our Winter Essentials Guide featuring our favorite PAAVANI products to help keep you motivated and on track for optimal wellness this winter season. 



Apply our Kapha Body Oil before or after your early morning shower to invigorate your lymphatic and circulatory systems. This oil is also perfect to apply before your AM yoga or workout session as it warms the muscles of the body, creates suppleness and gets your physical body prepared for movement.

kapha body oil



Activate your mind and uplift your mood with this bright, warm, citrus-inspired aroma. Any time of day, you can motivate yourself by simply spritzing and inhaling this proprietary essential oil blend of bergamot, grapefruit, sage and juniper berry. 



Say goodbye to your afternoon coffee pick me up and say hello to this caffeine-free herbal tea that will keep you alert, motivated, and cheerful throughout your busy day. Delicious ingredients like black peppercorns, cinnamon, lemongrass and ginger awaken your senses while also evoking your agni, for healthy digestion. Experience the power of herbal healing in your cup!




Have you been feeling congested or are you staving off a winter cold? Implementing neti into your daily routine just may be the perfect remedy to rid the body of excess mucus and clear the nasal passageways of any harmful pathogens. This ancient Ayurvedic practice is also a wonderful way to shake off the winter blues by improving focus and energizing the mind. 



Applying a Nose Oil, also known as Nasya in Ayurveda, is an excellent way to stimulate cognitive functioning while keeping the nasal passageways moisturized and protected from pathogens during cold and flu season. If you are prone to congestion and/or sinus pressure, our Nose Oil also helps to ease inflammation and keep your nasal cavity clear and able to breathe with ease. 

From our hearts to yours, happy kapha season and may we all stay uplifted and warm even during the hardest and coldest days of winter!

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