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Black Friday and the holiday shopping extravaganza are upon us and each year it seems like we are encouraged to begin shopping earlier and earlier in order to ensure we get all the gifts we need for our loved ones. Here at PAAVANI, we have mixed feelings about this urgency to consume; however, we do find solace in knowing that with each purchase made, we are given the opportunity to support our local economies, small businesses, minority-owned businesses, the environment and the ability to help build a more sustainable and just world; all things that we believe are of critical importance. That’s why, when you purchase from us this holiday season, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a woman-owned and operated, small business that holds the utmost respect for the health of the planet, sentient beings and the Ayurvedic tradition. 

When we started planning for our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales, we knew we wanted to not only give you all an epic sitewide discount, but we also wanted to be able to support an important social and environmental cause and, together, giveback in a meaningful way. It was clear that we had to look no further than the country that birthed and fostered Ayurveda- mother India and our most precious life element - water. Thus, this year, for our Gratitude + Gifts SALE, we are proud to announce that with each purchase made on our website from November 22nd through November 30th, you will receive 30% OFF and 5% of each sale will be donated to Wells for Life.

wells for life

Wells for Life was established in 2001 and is a nonprofitable charitable organization that focuses on providing clean and safe drinking water to rural villages and communities in need throughout India. The organization was founded by Michael Viser after a trip to southern India. During this trip, Michael attended a ceremony celebrating the addition of a water well in a rural village. This well brought to this village one of the basic needs of life- water. Through this well, the village was now safe from waterborne illnesses and diseases. Michael realized that he too could help in this mission to construct water wells for communities in need by spearheading his own non-profit- Wells for Life.

Simply put, water is life! Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, making it essential for the body and mind to operate. As the United States Geological Survey explains in their article The Water in You: Water and the Human Body,  “water is the major component of most body parts, helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, regulates body temperature, acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord and is needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters”. Ayurveda explains that water along with the earth element combine to create kapha dosha. Since kapha dosha contains the water element, this dosha is responsible for things like lubricating our joints (sleshaka kapha), salivary secretions to aid in digestion (bodhaka kapha), creating the cerebro-spincal fluid in our body (tarpaka kapha), moistening mucus membranes to lubricate the lungs and chest (avalambaka kapha) and providing gastrointestinal tract mucus to protect the linings of the stomach (kledaka kapha). Emotionally, Ayurveda explains that the water element is connected with the ability to have compassion, empathy, serenity, fluidity and contentment. 

As you can see, having access to safe and clean drinking water is essential for the emotional, spiritual and physical health of humankind. Not only that, but water is essential for all life on earth. Without it, plants, animals and the human race would not be able to survive. Thus, please remember to always honor your ability to have access to clean water by conserving excess water usage and remembering to keep your body hydrated. It is recommended to consume at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you would want to drink at least 70 ounces of water per day. You can also incorporate demulcent herbs into your diet to help support optimal hydration. These herbs help to increase the water element within your body and moisten your mucus membranes. You can find demulcent herbs in our Hydrate Blend Tea.

Thanks to you and your purchases this holiday shopping week, we are thrilled to be able to make a monetary donation to Wells for Life in order to support the health of India, its people, the water element and the continued work of this organization! Through your support, we are able to give back to the country which has given so much to the world through its gifts of Ayurveda, yoga, herbalism, food and culture. We thank you in advance for deciding to shop with intention this year and encourage you to always think about the larger impact you are making with each purchase you make. Let’s choose to work together to make this world a more just and balanced place for all. 

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 Hero image photo by ritesh arya from Pexels.

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