Traditional Ayurvedic Ghee is Here!

Just in time for vata season, traditional ghee is now available in our online shop! We searched far and wide for the perfect ghee company to align with our brand ethos. When we came across Ahara Rasa Ghee, it was an easy decision to select this woman-owned and Portland, Oregon-based, Ayurvedic business to be a part of our Ayurvedic offerings. We love this company’s dedication to humane animal welfare and its commitment to sharing only true, traditional Ayurvedic golden ghee. 

Unlike the majority of ghee available on the market today, Ahara Rasa Ghee follows the method of making ghee outlined in the classical Ayurvedic text, the Charaka Samhita. This means that they only produce their ghee from cultured butter, also known as Makhan. Makhan is made by transforming cream from cows (which are revered and considered sacred in India) into yogurt and then by churning the yogurt into butter. From there, Ahara Rasa’s small team of Ayurvedic practitioners cook small batches of the cultured butter over an open flame to clarify the butter into ghee! This process of clarifying butter into ghee removes the milk fat solids, casein and lactose from the butter leaving only the healthy, ojas building fat which is known as ghee. 

Ahara Rasa Traditional Ghee

Animal Welfare Certified & Truly Grass Fed

Ahara Rasa Ghee is not only dedicated to upholding traditional Ayurvedic methods, they also practice the ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic principle of ahimsa or nonviolence as they carefully source their butter from farms with the highest animal welfare status and are the only cultured ghee company to be Animal Welfare Certified® and Truly Grassfed®.

Key Attributes of Being an Animal Welfare Certified Farm:

  • Acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only “highly meaningful” food label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability, and the only “excellent” food label for animal welfare and verification.
  • The only truly pasture-based welfare label: no cages, crates or feedlots. Not even Certified Organic can offer this assurance.
  • Rated as having the highest impact on consumer purchasing of ANY food label by industry-leading research firm, The Hartman Group.
  • Ranked one of the Top 5 fastest-growing certifications and label claims, according to SPINS, the leading information and service provider for the natural and specialty products industry.
  • Certifies only independent farms: AGW has no financial incentive in certification, resulting in an unrivaled level of independence in auditing.
  • Acclaimed as “The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for farm animals” by the Wall Street Journal.
  • The only certifier in the U.S. to ensure audited, high-welfare animal management and slaughter or dairy harvest.
  • Certified by A Greener World, the only farm certifier in North America backed by the ISO/IEC17065 International Accreditation, demonstrating excellence in auditing and certifying.

Next Level Ghee

If you are searching for the most authentic ghee on the market, we suggest indulging in MahaGhee®. This precious ghee is produced at the Muni Seva Ashram in Gujarat, India from the sacred Gir, or Desi, cows. Gir cows are humpback cows that originated in ancient India and references to them can be found in the Charaka Samhita. Ghee from Gir cows is considered highly medicinal and is a treasured Ayurvedic staple. What we love about MahaGhee® is that each Gir cow is lovingly cared for at the ashram and milked by hand, as the Charaka Samhita outlines. Also, MahaGhee® is a registered non-profit in India where human, cow and environmental welfare come together in a holistic mission supporting their initiative to share the ghee that is the essence of traditional knowledge contained in vedic tradition. Needless to say, this special offering truly transcends time and connects us with the ancestors of Ayurvedic traditional medicine. 

How to Use Ghee

Ghee can be used in place of butter or other cooking oils to prepare healthy, unctuous dishes and snacks that will nourish your body and mind. Thanks to its versatility, ghee can also be applied topically to replenish dry skin, lips and hair. Lastly, medicated ghee is also used classically in Ayurveda. Medicated ghee is herbal-infused ghee prepared by Ayurvedic practitioners, doctors and herbalists to help heal a wide range of ailments from mental and emotional imbalances and digestive upset to arthritis and nervous system disorders. Moreover, according to The Ayurvedic Institute, ghee is one of the strongest methods for taking herbs as it is considered to be a  a yogavahi - a catalytic agent that enhances the bioavailability of the medicinal properties of the herbs by carrying them into the seven dhatus or tissues of the body. 

Ghee & its Benefits

  • Rich in healthy fats, including Omega-3s and Omega 6
  • Source of Vitamins A, D, E and K
  • Contains butyrate, a fatty acid known to reduce inflammation
  • Enhances absorption and assimilation of nutrients within the digestive tract
  • Repairs & heals the stomach lining 
  • Improves elimination 
  • Rejuvenates the body & mind
  • Improves joint mobility
  • When applied topically, moisturizes dry, vata type skin
  • When applied to the hair and scalp, repairs dry, damaged hair
  • May help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. 

Ghee for your Ayurvedic Journey

Incorporating gheeinto your cooking and beauty rituals is a marvelous way to connect you with the roots of Ayurveda all the while delivering high-quality nutrients and healing properties to both your body, mind and skin. We are thrilled to now offer both Ahara Rasa Ghee and MahaGhee® in our online Ayurvedic Apothecary- just in time for the cool, vata-provoking fall and winter days ahead. We hope that you fall in love with the beauty, taste and simplicity of traditional golden ghee.

What’s your favorite way to use ghee? Write to us in the comment section below!

Images courtesy of Ahara Rasa Ghee and Maha Ghee.

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