Vata Balancing Self-Care for the Dry, Mobile Energy of Fall

The Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is here. Summertime’s long, hot days are beginning to dissipate and shorter, cooler days will soon take their place. Here in California, the land is aching for its first major rainstorm after months of being engulfed by the dry, heating energy of fire. 

Fall is a season marked by harvests. While farmers and gardeners are literally harvesting crops like apples, broccoli, pumpkins, cannabis and chard, folks are also harvesting inner, personal seeds that have been nurtured over the summer and are now in full bloom. Work projects might be coming to fruition, babies are being welcomed into the world and home life may be marked by settling into a routine after months of travel and fun in the summer sun. 

At PAAVANI, this time of year is always celebrated by crafting our herbal infused oils. Vats of Body OilNose OilPulling Oil and Ear Oil are being prepared in our apothecary and as Ayurvedic herbalists, we cannot think of a better way for us to honor the transition from summer into fall. 

PAAVANI Ayurveda Vata Body Oil

During this time of year, both mentally and physically, we are ready to pump the brakes on the active, outward energy of summer and begin to ease into the inward, reflective energy of the upcoming fall and winter months. This season asks us to turn within and ponder what lifestyle choices will keep us feeling grounded and stabilized as the light, cold and mobile energy of vata dosha begins to increase. 

Below we have outlined some of our favorite vata pacifying self-care rituals that can help you gracefully transition into autumn & winter:

  • Focus on incorporating more warm, cooked, well-spiced and unctuous foods into your diet. We love sprinkling the PAAVANI Spice Blend onto our meals and cooking with Ahara Rasa Ghee, sesame oil or coconut oil. 
  • Avoid cold or chilled drinks and instead drink warm or hot beverages throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, energized and detoxified. 
  • Upon waking, clean the tongue with your Copper Tongue Cleaner to help stimulate digestion. Follow Tongue Cleaning with your PAAVANI Pulling Oil
  • Incorporate a self-abhyanga into your day! Self-abhyanga is an Ayurvedic self-massage that soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and delivers moisture to the skin and body. We absolutely love the Vata Body Oil during the fall because it helps keep the body warm and the skin feeling luscious and protected from the cooler, autumnal temperatures. 
  • Connect with the energy of the earth with a Vata Pacifying Yoga Practice
  • Get to know the King of Ayurvedic herbs, Ashwagandha! This powerful, replenishing plant restores balance to an overworked nervous system and can help the body and mind to manage stress. 
  • Wind down from your day and glide into your Ayurvedic evening rituals with a delicious, skin-soothing Coconut Milk Bath.
  • Curl up with a good book and a cup of Hydrate Blend Tea. If looking for a good Ayurvedic read, we recommend “Healthy, Happy, Sexy” by Katie Silcox and “The Ayurvedic Lens” by Dr. Meghana Thanki, NMD.
  • Forget that sugary Pumpkin Spiced Latte- it’s Golden Milk Season! Golden Milk is a turmeric elixir that warms the body, increases circulation, reduces inflammation, heals the skin, aids in healthy digestion AND it tastes exquisite.
  • In the evening, massage the soles of your feet with Vata Body Oil to help reduce tension and prepare the body for rest. 
  •  Get your beauty sleep and hop into bed by 10 pm to stay connected with the circadian rhythm of nature. 

Supporting the body and mind throughout each season looks different for each person. The above recommendations may or may not work for your specific needs; however, this list does offer general recommendations on how to align with the energy of the season through the knowledge of Ayurveda. We encourage you to incorporate Ayurvedic daily rituals into your day so you stay hydrated, moisturized and juicy all season long. May the fall harvests enrich your life and inspire you to engage in radical self-care!

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