Spring Equinox Rituals to Welcome Kapha Season

Today, as the Northern Hemisphere gradually tilts back towards the sun, we are blessed with the Spring Equinox—a rare time of year when the entire Earth experiences equal lengths of day & night.

This time of the land's rebirth nudges us to get outside, commune with loved ones and celebrate the long-awaited return of light.
Join us as we honor this celestial event & embrace the blossoming of the season with some of these activating rituals:

Spring Equinox Rituals

- Get outside! Have a picnic, go for a nature walk, or simply sit in a garden to connect with the rebirth of nature.

- Find a quiet spot to meditate during the sunrise or sunset, focusing on the balance of lightness & darkness. You may also like to enjoy our Spring Equinox 5 Sense Meditation.

- Make a journal entry reflecting on lessons learned during the winter season & set intentions for the new season ahead.

- Spring clean your living space. Declutter, organize & create a fresh, inviting environment. Read our Ayurvedic Tips for Spring Cleaning.

- Plant seeds as a symbolic gesture of growth & renewal. As you nurture the seeds, consider your own personal growth & goals.

- In various cultures, the spring equinox is associated with fertility. If you have a yoni, giving yourself a yoni steam could be a great way to honor this energy.

- Light a candle  & practice trataka. As you watch the flame, contemplate the warmth & energy that is returning to the world.

- Prepare a meal using fresh, seasonal kapha-balancing ingredients. Try our Kapha Balancing Red Lentil Dal.

- Take a Coconut Milk Bath. As you soak, visualize any negative energy being washed away, leaving you refreshed & renewed.

- Spritz yourself with our Kapha Spritzer & inhale it's revitalizing, uplifting & clearing energy.

In whatever way feels right for you, we hope you embrace the nourishment of the Spring Equinox & welcome the turning of the season.

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