10 Alternative Ways to Enjoy Your PAAVANI Golden Milk

The crisp, cool fall air is here, and if you are anything like us, this particular seasonal transition sparks the desire for warm, nourishing beverages like PAAVANI Golden Milk! The fall and winter months, also known as vata season, are the perfect time to enjoy warming, digestive and adaptogenic herbs to help support balance. Our Golden Milk formula contains turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, Indian sarsaparilla, black pepper, ashwagandha and shatavari which, when combined together, can help to aid healthy digestion, calm the nervous system, strengthen the mind and keep the skin hydrated and glowing throughout the dry, cold months ahead. We particularly enjoy this herbal blend mixed with warm milk to create a traditional Ayurvedic Golden Milk, but you can also utilize it like any other spice blend available in your kitchen and add it to some of your favorite beverages and dishes. Below we would like to share with you some of our favorite alternative ways to infuse the many benefits of Golden Milk into cooking. We hope that this list gets your creative juices flowing on how you can incorporate these tasty, healing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs into your favorite recipes.

Get Creative with these simple recipe ideas!


Add 1 teaspoon or more of PAAVANI Golden Milk powder to your chai latte!

Say goodbye to your overpriced, sugary Starbucks latte and hello to homemade, adaptogenic chai & coffee!

golden coffee



Did you know that cardamom helps to neutralize the acidity and overly stimulating effects of coffee? Adding our Golden Milk into your morning cup of joe is both delicious and supportive to your being! 

To make, simply blend all ingredients together in a blender, pour and enjoy.

Say goodbye to your overpriced, sugary Starbucks latte and hello to homemade, adaptogenic chai & coffee!

3. Throat Soothing Tea


Blend all ingredients together, sip and receive the restorative properties of these healing herbs!


The next time you are roasting your favorite squash, use PAAVANI Golden Milk powder as your spice blend. This is the perfect sweet and savory dish for fall. 


Enhance the flavor and digestive properties of your kitchari or go-to vegetable curry recipe with PAAVANI Golden Milk powder! For those who eat meat, you can also rub Golden Milk powder into your roast chicken or add to your favorite chicken curry recipe. 


Ayurveda explains that since toast is a hard and dry food, it has the potential to imbalance vata dosha. Yet, if you love a good piece of toast as much as we do, our suggestion would be to spread a layer of ghee or coconut oil onto your toast for added moisture. Also, if you are predominant in vata or experiencing an imbalance in vata dosha, we recommend using almond butter rather than peanut butter on your next slice of toast. The reason behind this is that almond butter is a heavy, hydrating and ojas building food whereas peanut butter is a legume, which increases lightness and dryness in the body. Once you have spread your layer of ghee and almond butter onto your toast, sprinkle it with PAAVANI Golden Milk powder to enhance flavor and aid in healthy digestion. Lastly, you can add honey on top for some extra goodness as honey promotes hydration in the body and helps to build ojas.

golden almond butter toast


Ojas balls are a delicious and easy to make sweet treat that are filled with ojas building spices and ingredients to help aid in healthy digestion, replenishing your immune system and restoring vitality. Click here to try our Ayurvedic Ojas Ball Recipe.


Include PAAVANI Golden Milk powder into your next batch of homemade granola or mix it into your next warm bowl of oatmeal.

bowl of ayurvedic oatmeal


If you love to bake, incorporate PAAVANI Golden Milk powder into your next muffin or banana bread recipe!


Give your chia seed pudding extra antioxidant power with the addition of PAAVANI Golden Milk powder

Ayurvedic healing in your cup & on your plate

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