10 Ayurvedic Ways to Infuse Dried Rose Petals into Your Life

The ‘Queen of Flowers’, rose, is an aromatic delight to your senses. Both cooling and calming, rose is regarded in Ayurvedic medicine as the most essential flower for reducing excess heat associated with fiery pitta dosha. It also soothes the nervous energy that oftentimes accompanies vata dosha and even purifies oily kapha type skin. Needless to say, no matter what dosha is predominant within you, magnificent roses can be utilized to establish more balance and harmony in your Ayurvedic lifestyle. 

Below are 10 of our favorite ways to enjoy our Dried Rose Petals.

1. Rose Tea

To prepare, gently pour 8oz of almost boiled water over 1-2 tsp. of dried Rose Petals (add more of your favorite herbs to create your own tea blend). Cover & steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain petals from tea & allow to cool slightly. Enjoy the sweet, heart-opening & loving energetics of rose with each sip of your homemade tea. 

2. Chilled Rose Water

Follow the directions above to prepare a Rose Tea. Allow the Rose Tea to chill in the fridge, sealed in an airtight jar. When ready to drink, remove the jar from the fridge and pour it into a room temperature glass. Sip slowly, center yourself and connect with the cooling and soothing vibrations of healing rose. On hot, summer, high-pitta-provoking days, you may also choose to mist your face and body with this cooling tonic.

3. Rose Latte

Restore and nourish your body and mind with this aromatic, sweet alternative to caffeine. To make, add 1-2 tsp. of Rose Petals into 8oz of warm milk of your choice (vanilla, cardamom, lavender, cinnamon, nutmeg &/or Golden Milk Powder could all make tasty, medicinal additions to this blend). Steep for 6-8 minutes. Strain herbs from milk. Add ghee, coconut oil &/or sweetener to desired taste. 

4. Baking & Cooking

Consider adding dried Rose Petals to your next baking &/or cooking recipe! We love the addition of rose in chocolate, cakes and scones. Additionally, you can sprinkle dried Rose Petals on prepared baked goods and dishes to beautify your next culinary masterpiece. 

5. An Ayurvedic Bathing Ritual

Create the ultimate at-home spa experience by combining dried Rose Petals with our Coconut Milk Bath. The addition of this aesthetically pleasing component will elevate the loving and healing vibrations of this Ayurvedic ritual, leaving your skin silky smooth and your mind grounded, centered and at peace. 

Coconut milk bathing ritual

6. Rose Facial Steam

Open and clarify your pores with a DIY Rose Facial Steam! Simply boil 3 cups of water and pour into a bowl, adding 3 tablespoons of dried Rose Petals. Cover the mixture with a towel and let steep for 5 minutes. Next, place your face over the bowl and using a towel or cloth, make a tent to trap the steam.

7. Rose Yoni Steam

The Sanskrit term yoni has many translations such as source, place of origin, vagina and home. A yoni steam is a feminine ritual that cultivates self-love, reproductive health and vaginal self-care. When rose petals are incorporated into yoni steaming, the vagina, uterus and ovaries are gently cleansed, toned, loved and soothed. To learn more about yoni steaming, we love the resources available from Steamy Chick!

8. Dream Pillow

A dream pillow filled with dried Rose Petals can be tucked underneath your sleeping pillow in the evening to help support your energetic field in order to reduce intense or violent pitta-type dreams or nightmares. A simple way to make your rose dream pillow is by filling a muslin or cloth bag with a generous amount of dried Rose Petals and then tightening to close. 

8. Potpourri Sachet

From a dream pillow to a potpourri sachet, a muslin or cloth bag filled with dry Rose Petals is a versatile companion for the home. We love using these sachets to add the sweet, feminine energetics of rose into any space and gently scent rooms, closet shelving and dresser drawers. 

10. Altar Space

If you are cultivating heart-centered energy, compassion, love and healing, we encourage you to decorate your meditation or altar space with the tender energy of dried Rose Petals. They will serve as a visual, energetic and aromatic reminder to soften and stay open to receive yourself in the present moment. 

From your kitchen to your bedroom, to your powder room, to your closet and your sacred space, dried Rose Petals have endless ways to fill your life with their loving energetics and sweet aromatherapy. We hope that these simple DIY uses inspire you to build a greater connection with rose, the divine feminine plant ally. 

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